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Very friendly and knowledgeable the treatment I received was excellent helped me get well and was able to return to work.

–Jessica G.

I needed to start working out again. I “DID” not want to start going to a gym because I DO NOT LIKE GYM’s! They offered this new personal training and power program and I went once and ended up leaving, signing up for 8 sessions! My trainer knows what he is doing and I honestly love it! I have now been going for three weeks and I can now see the results, and I am happy! Thank you! This place makes getting back in shape comfortable for me.

–Luis C.

The Physical Therapy Assistant that did my physical was very nice and patient while doing my assessment, I would definitely recommend to everybody 10 out of 10 in customer service.

–Lone R.

Before therapy, I was in lots of pain. At night I couldn’t sleep on that side because of general and neck pain . I was unable to style my hair because of pain in shoulder. I was unable to towel stretch and pulley’s were very painful that I used with all other exercises.

Since the sixth session of therapy, I have been fine. I am sleeping all night now. My neck does not hurt and there is no pain in styling my hair now. My range of motion has really improved. Exercises I do are pain-free now.

–Victoria F.

Before therapy, I was in lots of pain in my back down my left leg. I had problems sitting and standing without pain. My only relief was lying in bed, unable to do everyday things without pain.

Since therapy, all my pain is gone in my back and down my leg. I can walk and stand without pain. I can sit without pain; I just need to walk around every so often. It has been a very drastic change in my walking since the pain relief.

–Betty R.

Before therapy, I had problems sleeping. I was having to change from side to side. I couldn’t do squats-was having to bend from waist. I had pain from lower back down both sides of rear. There was pain down the back of both legs. Car travel was hard on everything.

Since therapy, I have been sleeping better. Lower back pain, rear and back of leg pain is gone. My legs are a lot stronger and I have better endurance during exercise including walking. I can do squats again. Yea! Car travel is fun once again.

–Cathy M.

Before therapy, my right arm was not strong. There were a lot of popping noises and I had pain when trying to move my arm.

Since therapy, I am able to move my arm freely and there are no popping noises at all. My therapist was very helpful and did a great job with me. I am no longer in pain and I am sleeping better on my right arm.

–Monica S.

Before therapy, my back hurt most of the time. It was really hard to stand and do dishes or stand and cook at my stove. Both made my back hurt more. I could not walk too far because walking made my back hurt. My legs were very weak and shaky.

Since therapy, I can stand in one place, shifting weight back and forth and standing straight to do dishes and cooking. Now I can go through the grocery store in a breeze . My legs are both stronger and I have learned ways to do things around the house to make everything better. Thank you staff at Midland Physical Therapy.

– Donna W.

Before therapy, I was having a hard time walking, going upstairs, bending down to get in my car. I could not sit for a long time because of the hip pain. I couldn’t lift my arm, brush or wash my hair. Taking a shower was difficult. Picking up heavy objects, carrying a grocery bag, mopping and gardening were all difficult and painful.

Since therapy, I no longer have shoulder or hip pain. I can bend down and go upstairs. I can walk much better and I am gardening again and watering my plants with no problems. I am also able to get in and out of my car. I can shower also without pain.

–Manuela M.

Before therapy I had surgery. My foot was limited to nearly no movement. My strength was up and down but inside flex non-existent. Surgery required non- weight bearing for three months due to collapsed foot ankle arch. I was in extreme pain! Long walks were not possible.

Since therapy, my foot is very strong and I am able to walk on uneven surfaces. Range of motion is better than the non-surgical foot! You guys rock!

–John Y.