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Success Stories

Before Therapy:
“I had very bad pain that would radiate through my lower back down my left leg. It was hard to perform simple activities of daily life. Bend, stand, walking and simple turning.”

After Therapy
“Now Iʼm able to do my activities of daily life without pain. So happy and satisfied. Most of all no pain. I even feel stronger.”

- A.Lusk

Before Therapy:
“I broke my fibula and had screws to fix it. Had a hard time walking and bending down and very hard time at work.”

After Therapy
“My foot has improved 100%. I can walk and am able to go back to work without any problems.”

- J. Martinez

Before Therapy:
“My leg was hurting from my hips all the way to my ankle. Had to sleep on my back to keep leg from hurting. Had to sit, lie and stand in certain positions to keep leg from hurting.”

After Therapy
“Leg feels good from my hip to my ankle. Can sleep on either side and can walk so much better. Mostly, no hurting at all.”

- W. Kidd

Clients are seen by appointment:

The office is open from
Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 5 pm,
Friday 8 am to 3 pm (extended hours based on appointment) and
Closed 12 pm to 1pm for lunch.

Appointments are available beyond these hours for special needs.

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